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I Am Worried About My Friend In Houston

Sometimes people are very close and different circumstances cause them to drift away. That is what happened to me and one of my closest friends. At one point, we would chat each and every day. Now I have no idea where he is and if he is okay. That is really concerning to me, especially considering all of the things that have been happening lately.

I never met him, but he is someone I connected with on social media. He is from Houston and I live in the New England area. It seems like we became fast friends and we were able to share a great deal of information with one another. The big issue I had was when romantic feelings got tangled up in there somewhere. Apparently, we were not on the same page and things started to take a downturn.

Two years ago, I saw a post on Facebook and I realized that he had a limb amputated. This was horrifying to me. How in the world could you be so close one day and you turn around and realize they have had this trauma and you had no idea. That was when I vowed to be the best friend to him I could be. I have to admit that things did not turn out as expected and I lost touch with him again.

I was sitting here a little while ago thinking about the hurricane that just hit Texas and I wonder how he is doing. I have no idea if he is okay and I am not sure if there is any way I can find out, especially since he rarely goes on Facebook anymore. All I can do is hope and pray that he is somewhere safe and sound.